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Pinecrest Market Summary for 2016

Pinecrest Market Summary 2016 - Prestige Realty Group - Single Family Home SalesToday we will be taking a detailed look at the activity in the Pinecrest real estate market for Single Family Home sales in 2016. In addition, we will be comparing the activity for 2016 versus the activity in 2015 to get a solid grasp of what direction the market in Pinecrest is currently heading. Let’s dive right in.

All sales statistics contained in this blog were provided by the Miami Association of Realtors, based on sales data generated on Monday, 1/30/17.

First, let us take a look at the Single Family Home sales activity for each individual quarter of 2016 as illustrated in the figure below. Based on the data provided, there were 37 homes sold in Quarter 1, 62 homes sold in Quarter 2, 56 homes sold in Quarter 3, and 41 homes sold in Quarter 4 last year. The highest reported sale occurred in Quarter 3, 9701 SW 63 Ct Pinecrest, FL for $5,500,000. We are very honored to have had the pleasure of representing the sellers in that transaction.

Pinecrest – Single Family Home Sales in 2016

Single Family Home Sales Summary 2016 Pinecrest, Miami, FL - Prestige Realty Group

As shown above, Quarter 2 of 2016 saw the greatest activity in both Total Transactions and Sales Volume. Quarter 2 saw $89,823,100 in Sales Volume while Quarter 3 followed closely at $83,988,618. The beginning and ending quarters in 2016 had nearly identical sales volumes with $47,974,104 and $47,406,750 respectively.

Amidst other markets within Miami which saw substantial fluctuation in 2016, the market for Single Family Homes in Pinecrest remained very stable comparatively speaking. As pictured above, among each of the four quarters there was only a $31.73 ($326.47 – $294.74) maximum fluctuation in average price per square foot between the highest quarter (Quarter 2) and the lowest quarter (Quarter 4). This is a sharp contrast from other areas in Miami such as Brickell and Downtown Miami which have witnessed much greater fluctuations in such key market indicators.

One final metric to point out from the figure above is the average Days on Market (DOM) for each of the quarters in 2016. These were 111.11 days, 97.08 days, 97.32 days, and 110.44 days for Quarters 1, 2, 3, and 4 respectively. This metric has increased slightly per quarter from previous years and this can be attributed to various factors including the fact that the prices at which homes are originally marketed have risen in Pinecrest.

The figure below illustrates the breakdown of sale financing category types utilized in Pinecrest for 2016 by individual quarters.

Pinecrest – Single Family Homes – Sale Terms (Quarter)

Pinecrest - Single Family Homes Sales 2016 - Financing Type

Next, the figures below illustrate the totals for each sale financing category type for the entire 2016 year.

Pinecrest – Single Family Homes – Sale Terms (2016 Total)

Pinecrest - Single Family Sales 2016 - Financing Type

The pie chart below breaks down the different sale financing category types for the entire 2016 year by their respective percentages which were 34.69% for Cash Sales, 60.20% for Conventional Loan Sales, and 5.10% for sales which utilized an alternative method of financing.

Pinecrest – Single Family Homes – 2016 Financing Type Pie Chart

Pinecrest Financing Type - 2016 Pie Chart

 Lastly, let us take a look at the year-over-year change for the Single Family Home market in Pinecrest from 2015 to 2016. The illustration below summarizes the percentage changes in the selected key market indicators.

Pinecrest – Single Family Homes 

Pinecrest - Single Family Home Sales - 2015 vs 2016 Key Market Metrics - Prestige Realty Group

As shown above, the overall trend from 2015 to 2016 for the Pinecrest market was a slight softening of total houses sold and total volume sold which decreased by 7.11% and 1.22% respectively. This was the common theme among many of Miami’s neighborhoods over the last year. When contrasted against other markets such as Brickell which saw over 25% reduction in total condos sold and over 30% reduction in total sales volume, the Pinecrest market has shown stability.

Other key market indicator trends shown above are the percentage change in average sales price and average price per square foot which were 7.84% and 6.34% respectively.

Overall, based on the date given, it can be said that the Single Family Home market in Pinecrest has experienced a subtle increase in property valuation from 2015 to 2016 which in turn has led to slight decrease in the total number of homes sold and sales volume. When compared to other neighborhoods in Miami, properties in Pinecrest have more resiliently weathered the numerous recent and ongoing local and global events which have had greater negative impact in other local areas and neighborhoods

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