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Numbers Don’t Lie

As illustrated by the image to the left, provided courtesy of the Miami Association of Realtors, we can gather that our weather and our shores are offering a new perspective on living large in Miami.

And from what the numbers tell us, Miami is still an affordable place to own a home and raise a family.  More and more families are deciding to no longer wait for retirement to enjoy the good life that Miami has to offer.

According to Miami Realtors Association ..Miami can proudly say that we have had the second best June in Miami Real Estate History.  Here’s a statistic for you: 42.3 Single Family Homes were being sold daily in the past four months.  Now that’s something to get enthused about.  And the number of sales has increased steadily since 2013.  Yes the increase has been small, just 1.1% year over year from 2,639 to 2,669. But more importantly,  confidence is steadily rising.

The gains are seen all across the board



Luxury single family home sales  ($1 Million +) jumped 7.1% in June of 2017.  And that gain has been growing steadily in the past four months.

-Medium prices homes, ranging from ($200,000 to $600,000) rose almost 10% in June from 840 to 923 sales. Its important to note that these mid priced  homes accounted for 68.6 % of all single family home sales. So take a look and see which of these neighborhoods best describes your ideal home. As well as your budget.



Coral Gables, South Miami,  Brickell,


-Single family traditional sales (not distressed transactions) rose a whopping 10.8%.  This healthy spurt shows the strength of our Miami market.

-Are you ready for more good news: Miami home sales prices zoomed 6.3% in June of 2017, and the market saw an increase from $315,000 to $335,000.  This is the 67 straight month that these single family home prices have risen.

And if you are anxious to make a move here are some valuable tips from Florida Realtors when it comes to selling your home:

  • Setting a price before for your home before carefully getting a market analysis of how the market is standing in your area
  • Don’t price too high.  You may think, well I can lower the price later.  But do you really want to risk your home being priced out of what consumers are looking for?  If your home is priced as the market indicates you’ll sell it much faster.
  • How about overpricing because you are not sure if you really want to sell.  I’m sure you don’t want to waste anyone’s valuable time specially yours.  Remember a professional can work with you so that your home doesn’t linger endlessly in the dreaded ‘For Sale’ group.
  • Buyers are drawn to homes that are in good condition, and well marketed.  Do your homework, declutter, paint if you have and add some plants.  Small purchases can lead to a faster and easier sale.
  • And most importantly don’t assume that you’ll save money and try and sell your home on your own.  The National Association of Realtors, tell us that these homes not only stay on the market longer but they sell for $39,000 less than those that used the services of a realtor

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