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Miami Beach Record Sale

Casa Clara - 212 W Dilido Dr Miami Beach, FL - Record Sale Venetian Islands - Prestige Realty GroupIt was announced earlier this week in The Real Deal that the newly constructed 11,600 square-foot waterfront mansion at 212 W Dilido Drive in the Venetian Islands sold for a record-setting $22 Million.

Casa Clara as the property is known, pictured to the left, trumped the previously held record which was a $14 Million sale in 2013. The home was constructed in 2015 and features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and spectacular water views along its 120 feet of waterfront dockage.

Highlights for the residence include modern architecture designed by Ralph Choeff and interiors by Charlotte Dunagan Design Group. Natural finishes were used within the home along with custom Henge furniture as well as a Boffi kitchen, Kreon lighting, floor-to-ceiling glass doors and other unique touches such as a glass-enclosed wine room.

This serves as a fresh take on the true status of the Miami Real Estate Market in comparison to the commonly perpetuated doom and gloom issued by the media. Despite numerous press releases which commonly point to a looming and certain epic downturn in the market continual record sales like this show that the market is indeed very much in tact and enjoying a steady, albeit much milder than in previous years, growth.

The general trend witnessed in various neighborhoods such as Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and Pinecrest is the same. We are witnessing an increase in property values leading to new record sales, such as 212 W Dilido Drive in Miami Beach, and a slight decrease in the total number of transactions closed from the previous year. The analogy to use here is similar to that of a driver which has slightly depressed the accelerator. The vehicle is still moving forward and in the proper direction, just at milder and safer speed. In much the same way, the Miami Real Estate Market is still moving in the right direction, however property values aren’t rising at an unsustainable and potentially dangerous rate. This is what is commonly mistaken as the market taking another tumble.

Casa Clara – 212 W Dilido Dr – $22 Million Record Sale

Casa Clara - 212 W Dilido Dr Miami Beach, FL - Record Sale Venetian Islands - Prestige Realty Group

Through the grape-vine we have caught wind of another monumental sale in Miami Beach which is in the works. Our sources say that a property located along the prestigious Pine Tree Dr which, was listed above the $30 Million range, has already gone under contract and is expected to close within the upcoming weeks. This too will be an all cash transaction.

Miami Beach continues to be among the most highly sought out markets for real estate both on a domestic and global scale. It is a beacon of stability and security for many foreign investors looking to escape the volatility and dangers of their native economies. It provides excellent tax efficiency and price when looked at by domestic buyers from places such as New York and California. Lastly, it is a true oasis which offers nearly perfect year-round sunny weather and tropical world-class beaches making it especially alluring to those who live in colder climates.

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