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How Much Does it Really Cost to live in Coral Gables?


If asked,  a large number of  buyers would tell you that Coral Gables is an ideal location to buy a home.  It has so much to offer, a rich history combined with a modern atmosphere. The arcitecture varies from Old Spanish, to a more recent modern take. This  is a city that keeps its continuity and likes its sidewalks reflect its title as “the City Beautiful”.   Its pedestrian friendly, has a large number of well reviewed restaurants, its tree lined streets are something to enjoy on any given day. And there are a number of parks including  one with its own beach.  Interested you say? We thought so,  but you’ll want to ask yourself, just how much house can you afford in Coral Gables?  To give us some concrete answers we took a look at sales numbers in the third quarter of this year (July 1 – Sept. 31).  A total of 126 homes were sold during that period, but you’d be surprised to see where the numbers fall.

79 homes sold between $500,000 – $1 Million Dollars.  Most of these fall under the guise of small but well maintained.  They are usually between 2-3 bedrooms and are under 1,700 sq ft.  Naturally as the budget is raised so are the options offered. These come mostly as we reach the $900,000-$950,000 range. For many families this could be their first home, or for older adults a form of downsizing while still living  in a neighborhood that they love.



As your budget grows so do the options.

During this third quarter of the year,  33 homes were sold that cost between  $1 Million to $2 Million Dollars.  What do these  homes have to offer? More spacious living areas, as well as  larger lost. And most offer 4 bedrooms and 3 baths, have a pool, and sit on a more desirable street.  And don’t forget  a much greater curve appeal.

Pinecrest Market Summary 2016 - Prestige Realty Group - Single Family Home Sales


When we get into the exclusive range of over $2M dollars, we can appreciate why  only 16 sold in that higher price range, during this period. Obviously, these buyers and their representatives have a more idea of what would make for them a home and not just a house. They have a discerning eye and it shows.   These spectacular homes have a number of extra amenities, some have access to a boat dock,  or a bay view and many are located in closed and exclusive communities, Some of the things you’ll see large size bedrooms, much more closet space, and with the Miami seasons all have high impact windows.



To achieve this, we looked at all sales up to $3 Million for 2017 Third Quarter 1 (7/1/2017 – 9/31/2017) as reported by the Miami Association of Realtors – Multiple Listings Service (MLS).

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